Organized, at Least I Would Like to Be

My life is a mess, literally.  I thought I wasn’t able to keep up with housework, schoolwork (the cleaning up part), because of lack of time.  Well now I know it was lack of energy.

It is still daunting to look around my house and realize how much I have to do.  Summer is my organizing time and this year is no exception.  I will be creating my lists and going into summer head first.

I’m a little excited that this summer is longer than most.  We had no snow days this year.  What that really means is that I will make a list that is too long.  🙂  I guess one of my summer goals should be to be realistic.

Summer goal list to come later this week.  Stay tuned.




No secret the last three years have been difficult at best.  The last two weeks have really been particularly bad.  So I am focusing on today.  Today I am thankful for my wonderful three boys, the home I live in, and time to work on projects.  So my goals for today are to get the kitchen cleaned (especially the refrigerator), find an end to the laundry, get all of the registrations entered for summer camps, and to begin my prayer journal.

I haven’t been very good at getting things accomplished lately, and so I’m hoping that with some goal setting I can find myself in this mess.  You know that it is bad when others look at your garage and “Hoarders” the TV show comes to mind. 🙂  (Only slightly exaggerating here.)

Summer is a time of renewal for me.  I need to regenerate and maybe more reinvigorate myself.  I feel like the character in Eat, Pray, Love.

End of the day Reflection: Got the freezer cleaned out, kitchen started, bought the journal, and gathered all of the summer camp registrations.  More importantly I hugged, loved, and talked with my kids today.  We grieved for our 9-year-old English Cocker, Lilo, and cried a few tears.   We had to put her to sleep yesterday.  Rest in peace sweet dog.


I spent almost three years as the volunteer President of our Board of Directors at the childrens’ theatre in my town.  I was the Vice-President and our President resigned.  This year I gave up my post.  I’m still on the Board of Directors, but no longer President.  I had good reasons, and I needed to do it.  That being said, I miss it.

It was fun being in charge (OK, not always.)  I was (and think still am) respected by many people in our larger community’s theatre circle.  I felt like people on our board really respected my opinion. 

Sometimes now I feel like they respected the title’s opinion more than mine.  Sometimes I feel like they don’t really need me any more. Sometimes I now feel out-of-place and kind of lonely.   I try to back off and let the new president, whom I like and respect, stretch her wings.  Yet I’m still there to help mentor and guide. 

I miss being the go to girl. 

Now the funny part is I am the one that came up with our term limits, and I did so for very good reasons.  We didn’t want people getting burned out or too much control. 🙂  Now I just have to learn to accept this role again.  It’s hard, because it changed me.  I changed it.  A very small handful of us took a struggling program and really made it take off.  It’s an amazing non-profit small business now with a whole range of programs for the community.  I’m really proud of what we accomplished.  It definitely was a “we” project, but I loved leading my team.  Probably explains my withdrawal.  I’m just learning to keep myself in balance.

Forced to Do Nothing

I am a person that doesn’t sit well.  Yet here I am sitting for the last hour.  I struggle between knowing that I need to clean the kitchen, but knowing that this small child that is asleep on my chest will not be small for very long.  All it takes is glancing at his brothers and I know how much truth is in that statement.  I’m trying to enjoy this.  Breathing in his smell and covering his sleeping head with kisses, sounds hard eh?  🙂  If only I could get someone to come and clean out my kitchen.  Hmmm…

Life Changes, Ready or Not

The Past:  This year has been hard.  I’ve had an extremely needy class with 29 students.  5 Special Ed, ELL students, 1 probably on the autism spectrum, and 4 in counseling.  It completely exhausted me.  I had to reduce my commitments in other areas of my life, just so I could function.  This has not been my best mom year.  My oldest needed more attention, and I see it in his grades.  Not that they were bad, but could have been better.  Thankfully I won’t be repeating this year again.   

The Present:  It is SUMMER!  Time to re-energize myself and rebuild myself mentally.  However, the biggest change is that 3 weeks ago today I became mommy to a 10 month old.  We will be adopting a gorgeous little boy.  Kobe is extended family, and we are thrilled to love him.  I want to come up with some summer goals, and plans for me and my kids.  One of my goals is to be writing again.  (Hence, why I’m blogging again.)

The future:  Next year we have a 3rd, 2nd grade teacher.  Since I won’t be working with the SPED teacher directly next year, I won’t have many SPED.  I am designated as the low ELL room.  So we will really be pushing language and lots of verbalizing.   I’m excited about that change.  I am also excited that we will have air-conditioning.  No more 120 degree days in my classroom.  It will be wonderful to have the kids physically able to learn the first month.  Usually they lay lifeless on their desks, looking ill.  Sadly, I’m not exaggerating.

All in all, life is good.  I wish this year had been easier, but God doesn’t promise easy.  Perseverance has been my word of the year.  Now my word for the summer is relaxation or maybe it should be rejuvenation.  I like that one better.  🙂

A Super Fun Mid-Week Date Night

Ok maybe “Super Fun” is a small, slight, moderate complete exaggeration.  However we still had an hour to ourselves.  I’m counting it as a date.  Between my husband’s weird hours and me being sick or just busy, we haven’t had any alone time together.  So tonight we were going to try to go to the movies. 

It didn’t happen.  The kids needed help with this, that, and another thing.  Eventually we realized that we needed groceries, and you can see where this is going…

Yep, Wal-Mart.  Todd and I romantically walked the aisles picking out crackers, soup, butter, etc.  Our date got really exciting when we stalked  noticed a local anchorwoman buying wine. 

I really need to get a life.

I’m a Boring Cook

I am a very basic, comfort food cook.  There are some things I make really well.  My soups rock!  I make a great lasagna.  My family loves my cheeseburger casserole and my chicken and noodles.

There you go that’s about it.  I’m not allowed to make tacos or anything too ethnic.  I live with a child that is VERY particular about his food.  My husband also has high cholesterol, so I watch that. 

Now if I’m really truthful this is where I admit that the last 6 months we have probably eaten out more than in.  I’m not proud of that, but I was basically working two full-time jobs.  However I am not doing that any longer.  I also cleaned off my table so that we can now eat there again. 

In the mail today I got my new issue of Clean Eating.  I started flipping through it and was very pleased with the articles this month.  I really like the Multiply Your Meals, $10 Family Dinners Fast, and the 14 Day Meal Plan.  I won’t lie my youngest probably won’t eat any of it.  I’m still going to try.  The Sesame Garlic Chicken recipe looks wonderful as does the Crustless Italian Quiché. 

I was drawn to the Moroccan Buffalo and Chickpea Chili until I realized they meant REAL buffalo not buffalo chicken.  I don’t think I’m ready to try that.  Now there is also some awesome pizza recipes.  That is an easy one to modify for E.  I just make his cheese, cheese, and only cheese.

Hmmm…I will try something this weekend and let you know how it goes.

A Blizzard Really? No, Really?

Today we had a blizzard….again.  I am so sick of snow and cold and ice and snow and cold and ice.  Ok you get the picture. 

It was pretty in December for Christmas, but now that we have had 6, count them…6 snow days, it’s not pretty anymore.  We are going to school until the end of June.  Crud! 

I will say though at least we had school today.  Lots of the surrounding districts closed, but not ours!  Yeah!  We went and we stayed the whole day.  Around 10 I started thinking an early out would be nice, but it didn’t happen.  Although it did for my boys.  They loved being home alone for a few hours.

Sadly after my husband was laid off from Nationwide last year, he reinvented himself.  He drives a truck now.  He’s driving in this blizzard.  In fact he has driven in in every weather system we have had this year.  He called a few minutes ago to say that he is currently going 3 mph.  Great!  My gray hairs are showing up faster than that!

I Could Have Written This

I ran across this blog post this morning.  It reminded me that I need to sit down with Todd this weekend and redo our budget.  Last year at this time we went through the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class.  It was helpful, but didn’t cure us.  I think your budget is lot like your diet.  You have to pay an enormous amount of attention to it if you are naturally a spender/eater.  Yet another goal for the year (as is losing 20 pounds.  Course making 2 kinds of cookies this morning isn’t helping, but they are good!)

Ice, Ice Baby!

So we had a very beautiful ice storm.  However as pretty as it was it caused havoc everywhere.  Yesterday many of our schools were without power so we had another day without school.  This week we have had school twice.  Good grief. 

This morning I look out my front window and I have a huge limb from one of our trees hang limply broken from the trunk.  I haven’t been brave enough to look in the back yard yet.

At my mom’s house last night we were pulling off ice from her siding.  Her entire house was completely sealed in ice.  We actually went for dinner, but heard the boys making some strange noises outside.  When we went out her deck was completely covered in ice chunks.  I looked like someone had dumped 10 big bags of ice on her deck.  They were having a good time, and so we joined them.  We had a contest to see who could pull off the biggest piece without breaking it.  Then we would karate chop it.  It was hysterical.  When we finished we swept her deck and had a foot and half of ice chunks that we were standing in.  I have NEVER seen anything like this. 

I’m a bit sad about my tree though.  Now I am off to deal with crazy 2nd graders!  I will try to get some pictures posted later.