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Innocent by Stellar Kart

All of us that grew up in the 80’s will get a kick out of this!  Hmmm…I think they might be making fun of us.  🙂

Stand in the Rain by Superchic(k)

I love this band.  The were amazing when we saw them in concert.  This song comforted me a lot when my friend’s son passed away suddenly.  He was an amazing young man that is greatly missed and his mother is a constant inspiration of strength to me.  This isn’t the greatest video, but it is definitely inspirational!

March Out by Fort Pastor

One of my mantras…


The Boob Fairy Song by Deirdre Flint

This is not Deirdre in the video, but it is still funny.  I’m sure his mama is proud.  🙂

Cruel Girl by The Red Button

I feel like a nerd.  I finally figured out how to upload you tube.  Duh!  It really wasn’t that difficult.  This is my friend Mike Ruekberg’s band, The Red Button.   Great album.  I’ve mentioned it before.  🙂  You can actually see Mike singing below in Wisely’s video. 


We have been lucky enough to see Willie a couple of times.  Luckier still to call him a friend.  Someday I am going to have him come and do a home concert for us.  (OK we will probably do it at the theatre.)  Check out his album.  It is amazing.  This song does have one word that some might object to.    He has a great video with Jenna Fisher (The Office), but this isn’t it.  I just like this song.

The View

Same Jeans, love this song.  I can’t help but dance around the room.

Christmas Music

I love Elf and this song in particular.

My boys love this version of Jingle Bells by The Bare Naked Ladies!


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