Back to School, Back to the Doctor

How is it that all three boys can get sick with different things within the first two weeks back to school? I can see one or maybe two, but all three? Cough, cough, hack, hack…

So that new cough elixir was tried. OK, only one boy tried it. He didn’t like it. I have to find one without the cayenne. The other teenager, my picky one, smelled it and told me I lost my mind.

Thank goodness for grandmas. It is incredibly difficult to miss school, but especially in the first weeks when you are trying to teach routines and procedures. There is so much pressure right now on teachers. Individually we are appreciated, but as a group not so much.

Back to sick kids–I think I need to finally take the third one to the doctor. He keeps telling me that he feels better, but I have heard him cough continuously for the last hour. That will only be two hours out of my day. 😦


Did I Sign Up For All Of This?

In my last post Sleeping Mom commented, “sometimes I wonder did I sign up for all of this.”  Of course, that was specifically about temper tantrums.  It got me thinking though.

Before I had kids I know that I didn’t think about some of the challenges that I am facing.   I’m not even talking about the ADHD and Autism Spectrum stuff.  I’m thinking specifically school and girls.

As a teacher I expected my kids to excel at school.  I mean, why wouldn’t they?  OK, the ADHD, Autism thing… still I think my children are brilliant. 🙂  And they are, except they won’t turn in their assignments.  I’m not saying won’t do them. They just don’t turn them in….AAARGHH!

Then there is the girl thing.  When my 15-year-old got his heartbroken, it broke mine.  I wanted to smack the little girl who did it.  Now, I actually like her, but she hurt my baby.  I’m going to have a hard time when he actually MARRIES one.

The things I know that I didn’t intentionally sign on for:

  • obsessions…toddlers/Blues Clues and Thomas….teenagers/screamo music and video games
  • hour-long showers
  • holes in the wall, that no one can explain
  • 92 loads of laundry a week

and probably the most important thing that I didn’t sign up for was that grow up in the blink of a second.


Temper Tantrums

I have an incredibly stubborn two-year old.  He even beats my child that used to have three-hour melt downs (autism spectrum).  I have learned that there is a huge difference between a melt down and a full-blown temper tantrum.

Bless his little heart, but he thinks he should be in charge of the world.  He is strong, smart, and very precocious.  This is making for a parenting challenge that I didn’t expect.

I’m having Nanny 911 flashbacks while I try to make him take a time out.  Pretty sure Nanny Jo would have some things to say to me.  I’m not going to wrestle him into a time out though.  I will take him to his bedroom and sit in the door.  Ultimately, once he sits quietly (and this can take 25 minutes–or more)  I will let him up.

We aren’t at a point then that I can get him to sit for two minutes.  I think if he calms himself and sits at all then we are making progress.  I will get there, but first he has to learn that temper tantrum or not, I will make him sit.

Does anyone else have super stubborn two-year olds?