“A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth”

I will preface with, I don’t like Pizza Hut.  They always screw up our orders.  Every single time.  I’m not kidding.  So my husband was surprised the other night when I suggested we try their pasta thing for dinner.  We ordered it and the chocolate dunking sticks. 

First we were pleasantly surprised that our order was correct.  (This really never happens and we order from different Pizza Huts.)  Then we were surprised that it was good.  It actually was very good.  The chocolate sticks were wonderful!

E had his friend visiting and I overhear from the kitchen as they were eating the dunking sticks, “Dude, these are a little bit of Heaven on Earth.” (Repeatedly with every bite.)

I just sat in the living room giggling and privately agreeing.


5 thoughts on ““A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth”

  1. So the pasta is really good? I was wondering about that because I am not a Pizza Hut fan either. I think that their pizza is too greasy. But the bacon and macaroni pasta looks good. I think we will try it next week!

  2. Well, we’re going to take the plunge and try. I ordered the bacon mac ‘n’ cheese. The only other choice for us was Alfredo (as in there were only 2 pasta choices). I’ll let you know. As someone like yourself and Morocco, I tend to agree about Pizza Hut — greasy pizza and incompetent people. I’ll see in about a half hour.

  3. So we tried it, and the mac and cheese boy himself wasn’t crazy about it. Taed wouldn’t try the chocolate sticks. Keb ate a couple and was like, “They’re ok.”

    I didn’t think it was bad. I actually thought we’d add it as a quick go-to meal. I was wrong.

    What surprised me the most though, was that it wasn’t as caloric as I expected. A quarter of the m&c was 530 calories and the chocolate sticks were 100 calories a piece without the sauce. I was expecting WAY more damage than that!

    It wasn’t heaven, but it was pretty good.

  4. I thought the calories would be worse too. We couldn’t keep the choc sticks. We were eating them before the pasta.

    I wasn’t sure about the mac and cheese. I thought that could go either way.

  5. We ordered the mac and cheese and the chocolate sticks. The mac and cheese was okay. It actually reminded me of the microwave mac and ham by Michaelangelina (I think that’s the name). Now I did like the chocolate sticks, they were surprisingly good!

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